Whether professional handyman or avid tinkerer, DIY adventurers can’t help but enrich their man-cave with serious tools for all occasions – and this fine collection of items compiled by Auzie, is sure to impress in both quality and in price!

Handy Sidekick Tool Cart

From tool storage to hand-tools, garden maintenance equipment and machinery, your garage won’t be complete without these quality pieces which can be hanging in your garage tomorrow with great shipping and delivery in Oz!

Ease, safety and efficiency are at the top of the must-have list for Auzie Scouts. Items must be sound, reliable, long-lasting and must boast the high-end features our Auzie shoppers expect to see in a top-of-the-range product. It’s handyman magic!

Save your back and make working with heavy objects a delight by upgrading your setup to include an electronic hoist and winch. Our great range of commercial grade winches boast a range of applications and make heavy-lifting a breeze – and all for an affordable price.

Bout time for a tidy-up? Get your gear organised by grabbing yourself one of our toolbox chests or trolley’s. You won’t go back.

And for the DIY Reno-ers out there, get the job done at a fraction of the price by investing in a sandblaster or dust-free sander (complete with LED) and achieve a professional finish in all your projects, without the rental price tag.

Feeling inspired? You should be! Whet your DIY appetite by dipping into this outstanding collection of tools and machinery offered by Auzie, in-stock and poised to ship for next-day dispatch. Garage hobbyists and shed-sharks: check back often to see what’s new in DIY from Auzie.