As a consumer myself with more than the usual line-up of interests and obsessions to my name (self confessed!), I often take for granted that everyone is as singularly driven, irrationally applied and ridiculously over-spent on their interests as I am.

For me, an interest - or in other words a regular activity chosen to do for enjoyment in leisure time - transcends more than just pastime (and countless nights spent knee-deep in paint and PVA). Our likes and dislikes reveals things about us, and who we are.  

Our time and money spent defines and shape us, and brings us closer to understanding what it is that make us alive. What we buy gives us purpose; meaningfulness and mission, and becomes an essential and important part of our lives.  

One of my greatest intention is to ask the new people I meet about their interests. 
“What do you do in your spare time?” “Do you have any hobbies?”. It’s fascinating to me that the topics and activities which capture people’s interests can be so varied. That an activity like playing golf (for example) can invoke pure passion and enjoyment in one, but drive another to the outer reaches of boredom, for me, it's captivating.  

Whether your interests are as simple as enjoying family time, going to the movies, shopping, socialising, collecting shoes, counting bottle tops, listing m-words or simply reclining on the couch by the fire; by electing to spend your precious time participating in a particular activity, you are expressing your deepest life’s purposes.  

Of all the ways we could spend our time, money and energy, surely spoiling ourselves here and there in what we find ourselves passionate about can only be healthy. For me, products you shop are a thing to be indulged in, in every way.

From amateur astronomy to keeping pets, camping, working out, or even just watching TV; there is so much variety and yet they each have one thing in common: they’re driven by the passion and curiosity of human beings in search of real fulfilment and joy. Here's a list of things to do that Auzie in some way, shape of form can help you achieve;

Playing sport
Going to the gym
Doing Yoga & Pilates
Watching sport
Visiting museums
Going to the movies
Playing computer games
Taking photographs
Playing music
Listening to music
Animals and pets
Crafts & scrapbooking
Nature & conservation
Watching TV
Family time
Cake decorating
Wine tasting
Home brewing
Going to church
Riding your bike
Collecting things
Sky diving
Bungee Jumping
Playing Cards
Going bowling
Ballroom dancing
Horse riding
Working on cars

We’re here with the sole purpose of indulging your every hobby and passion, by offering up only the finest in  products (all things tantalising for enthusiasts from all over!) We aim to please, from the amateur to the fanatical - at your service!