It is all very cool and trendy when it comes to decorating our homes. Often, we resort to indulging in heavy fashioned interior décors, based on current influences and our personal outlooks. With to help you out, it is even more fun and easier to choose from the best of our home and garden collections.

Give your front outdoor space leading to the porch a new look. Installing artificial grass certainly enhances the look of the surroundings by adding an instant contrast of lush greenery that is easy to maintain. It soothes the eye and adds a new dimension to the outdoor space.

Hang some artificial plants down the hallway to seamlessly connect the natural beauty of your front garden to your abode. This will reflect positivity and make the space happy bright. Some little creepers here and there, can border photo frames or shelves to add a moderate amount of greenery that you need.

In Australia, we love to socialise and spend time outdoors. How about spending the wintry nights dancing around the campfire and chilling with your buddies? Add to your night-in with a BBQ, firepit and the most stunning in illuminating garden lights. Picture some crispy fried BBQ chicken and snags to go with your beverage and you’ll be able to create the right mood you need to ring in the pleasant nights. 

Again, if you please, impressing guests can come at an affordable price. Whether it is a birthday party that you wish to throw, or a casual get-together out there in your garden, why not consider a classy fountain, the aesthetic appeal and tranquillity of it all will have everyone in awe. The splashing of the waters certainly adds a rejuvenating touch to the soul of any garden. offers affordable garden furniture to utilize when engaging in your morning tea whilst admiring the natural beauty of the surroundings. For the evenings, a good set of garden lights can do the trick of lifting the mood of the whole décor in the garden. Lights weave visual magic and can transform a plain and dull area into the most coveted corner of the entire house.

For the nature lover in you, you can install some amazing greenhouses for the plants that you have nourished over the days and nights. They thrive better and longer than usual with the perfect amount of care, love, temperature and proper conditions. Keeping some good gardening tools handy is a must to ensure the better fertilization of the garden beds and grooming that your plants require.

Some people feel at peace when left alone. A good storybook and some solace are what they seek. To make your “me-times” even more fruitful, choose a lovely hammock from our exquisite collections to give the space a personalized touch. Let your leisure become your best times of the day, swinging to the tales of the mesmerizing world that your books reveal.

Have you thought of accessorizing your pool? Beat the heat of the sultry summers taking a refreshing plunge into the pool adorned with the cute water balloons and child activity gym sets to keep the infants intrigued. Also, you can ensure your pool is clean and free of pollutants with our trusty pool cleaners, all at reasonable costs under the single roof of Auzie.

Taking a tour inside the house, a good idea is to add quality mattresses in the bedroom to gift either yourself, family and guests a good night’s sleep. A great night’s rest is important for our function and well-being. At Auzie, the bedding linen comes with many options for you to choose from. Opt for the perfect lighting to set the moods of your home. Keep the shades in colours that complement the rest of your room and the furniture.

A sneak peek inside the bathroom, and we see some amazing trinkets to use to make it worthwhile, all from Auzie. Bathroom accessories like good sets of toiletries and bathroom fresheners make it to the top of our list. A good spotless curtain and customized sink gives it a flamboyant and elite look. Some DIY soap cases and shelves too are a lovely option to incorporate.

Out in the living room, deck up the fire using the unique showpieces. Auzie offers you a variety of products to go with the essence of your entire look. Following this, a little walk into the kitchen, let’s put the hygiene first and install the kitchen bins that keep the garbage and useless stuff away from sight. Proper kitchenware’s are a must to serve your loved ones with the best. The storage space too can be customized with well-equipped and cleverly designed furniture form Auzie.

Escalate your home to a favourite hangout place for the family and friends with simple products from Auzie.