Truth be told, as I sit here and am about to type on how much I love KIDS RIDE-ON CARS, I vouch that my son is happily sitting next to me in his favourite broom-broom, beep-beep HOT ride-on car listening to some very COOL nursery tracks.

For the child that loves everything that is on the go, you too should think about getting your toddler something to feed their energy and curiosity. Ever thought about a car that resembles in every way like the car you own OR even better, none other than the luxury model you’ve always dreamt of? Not only is our range of cars a clever replica of automobiles/luxury rides, they also have features that your toddler will enjoy for hours on end. The height, gadgets, specifications, colour and mobility are all perfect for the entertainment of our children. To further motivate their actions, minds and ability for functioning from a young age, there is an assortment of cars available to choose from.

The Range

Disney Princess Ride On Car KidsKids Ride On CarCaptain America Disney Ride On CarRigo Kids Ride On CarWiggles Big Red Car

We guarantee if you are in search of a gift that will be unbelievable in every way to your child’s liking, then look no further. We have ride-on cars available in a variety of designs, colours, and models. From our Disney selection; we’re talking about our popular Disney Joy Ride Princess Car, PJ Masks Cat Boy or Cat Girl Superhero Car, Minnie Mouse Flashy Polka Dot Vintage Automobile, Captain America Cruise Car (hello, Avengers!), to even your child’s very own Wiggles Big Red Car – Toot Toot.

Or if your child is on the lookout for some extra pizazz, check out our life-like Mercedes Benz, inspired BMW X5, Audi R8 and so many other inspired cars… the selection is simply HUGE!

Features for Safety & Fun

Cars that are specifically designed for kids does sound ultra-amazing, but it is important all this hype is backed up by a safety guarantee. Fun and safety can be coupled together as our kids ride-on car products effectively promote a safe design when used in accordance with our manufacturer’s recommendations.

Highlighted Features 

  • Different control modes are present - one that the toddler can use to drive around. They will have control over the steering wheel and pedal accelerator. The other is the remote control which a parent can operate from the outside.
  • Treaded tyres with long life that has anti-slip features. The car will move safely and smoothly on every surface.
  • Realistic sound effects that makes the drive even more fun. Hear the engine roar to life.
  • Working horn, along with an audio cable is also present in the car.
  • Realistic design and premium quality features.
  • Ensures maximum comfort and ultimate safety.
  • Comfy seats along with a seat belt.
  • Designed for every child above the age of 3 years.

*Note: Must read product description to see what features come with each style and model.

Kids Ride-On Car Range – A Glimpse:

Kids Ride On Car Shop Sale Australia

  • Black Mercedes-Benz: This licensed car is ultra-cool with its classy black shell. It’s pleasing on the eye and worth the money. You can even plug in an MP3 player to play your child’s favourite tunes. A perfect gift for your kids 3rd
  • Disney Princess Ride-on Car: The attractive girly colouring pink scheme along with the charming Disney design all over will make your little girl feel more like a princess. She can ride her toy car at home or in the park and be sure to turn heads!
  • Mini Mouse Vintage Car: Well, who doesn't love a vintage car? The best of its kind, that is still going strong and making a statement. Who doesn’t love a Mini Mouse pink polka dot Disney mobile?
  • Rigo Range Rover Inspired: A 'dream car' which speaks of power and beauty. Its distinctive design and range of amazing colour choices makes it impossible to avoid.
  • Rigo Maserati Inspired: Who would have imagined a Maserati car for a kid would be available one day? It is truly the exact replica of its luxurious counterpart.
  • Motorbikes: If your kid loves a little extra thrill then you need to check out the myriad of choices in motorbikes that we have. From the striking, vintage-finish options to the more dare devil look - AuZie have it available.
  • BMW Inspired Ride-on Car: The list of choices is fascinating, luxurious and desirable. Why not give your child the opportunity to unleash and have a taste of BMW?
  • Bentley: A Bentley? If you're stunned by this incredible option, then imagine the reaction of your kids. The exact replica and mesmerizing features of the car will truly blow your mind.
  • Go Kart Car Ride: The sturdy build of this racing cart is designed for durability. Hours of fun amongst your kids and their friends. The race is on to the finish line, are you ready?
  • Fire Truck: The realistic look, appealing design, and every child's desire - a fire truck. It comes with realistic features and a striking color combination. Guaranteed to make your child feel important and equip them to be a brave little firefighter.
  • Audi Inspired: Even though you don't own an Audi car, your kid surely can.

Range Rovers, Mercedes, Disney Cars, Motorcycles, fancy Scooters, and endless other options with a sound engine, utmost safety and comfort needs are up for grabs. With an unbelievable range of choices in a variety of different models and colors - we have the perfect children’s gift for your toddler. Children of ages 3 and up can enjoy this toy indoors or outside. The attraction that kids have for cars, trucks, motorbikes, and automobiles in general is truly inborn. If your little prince or loving princess wants a toy to play with, consider a ride-on car that will lead to hours of fun.